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Friday 6 April 2018

A Few of My "Pundit Presents" Books, Reviewed!

So, we've had a couple of reviews that suddenly came out at the same time, for a couple of different RPGPundit Presents books!

Interestingly enough both of these were for 'Last Sun' products in that line. I get the feeling that DCC fans are getting increasingly turned on to the Gonzo material of my Last Sun campaign world, which of course began at first as a DCC campaign.

First, a review of an old one; DCC Trove of Treasures reviews RPGPundit Presents #4: Hipster Elves!

The same author then reviews RPGPundit Presents #15: Last Sun Gazetteer of the Middle-Northern Wilderlands!

And next, the Dark Corners of Role Playing blog reviews RPGPundit Presents #26: Mutant Hordes of the Last Sun!

So, if you were hoping for more information about any of these products, check out those reviews listed above!


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