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Friday 20 April 2018

New Video: The Only Privileged Racist Group in D&D Are The SJWs

This is a response to yet another article (recently reported on) by a leftist professor of some kind of nonsense, who is claiming that D&D "perpetuates White Privilege" and is a horribly racist game because it was made by White Men and because it is supposedly about white heroes "othering" people of color as orcs or whatever, and then killing them.

In other words, utter horseshit.

There is one collective of insipid racists currently involving themselves in the RPG hobby; it's not the regular gamers, it's not the free-speech shitlords, it's the SJWs themselves.

So here's my rebuttal, with all my typical style (and a bit of rambling on other topics, like Starbucks, but it's all tied in at the end):

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  1. A game or campaign about the conquest of the Americas could be incredible fun (if totally unacceptable to modern sensibilities).