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Sunday 1 April 2018

RPGPundit's First VIDEO RPG Review: "Bone Divination for Game Masters"

So this is a weird entry in two respects: first, that it is a video review. I've never done a video before. In fact, apart from a couple of interviews on RPG podcasts in Spanish, I've never done any video stuff before at all!

Second, it is different in the sense that it is a review of an RPG product you can't actually buy.  At least, not online. You can only get them at certain gaming Cons.  It was still a subject so "up my alley", as it were, that I had to go ahead and do the review anyways, even though it didn't technically fit my rules.

So keep in mind when I say "you may want to pick this up if...", I should maybe have added that right now, at least, you can only pick it up if you go to Cons where Bittman is in attendance.  Of course, who knows?! Could the Pundit Bump cause enough interest and demand for him to make this into a full blown product (in spite of my slight reservations about the concept)? We'll have to see.

So, check out my video review of Jobe Bittman's "Bone Divination for Game Masters":

Let me know what you thought, and whether you'd want to see more videos in the future!


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  1. I like the video format, I can listen to it on the background while working.

    I'll get you a smartphone holder so yo have both hands free and the video is less shaky.

    Keep it coming.