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Sunday 15 April 2018

L&D Campaign Update: Hecate's Tomb

So in this weekend's session of Lion & Dragon, I ran a special variant of the adventure "Hecate's Tomb" from RPGPundit Presents #21. Mostly, the 'variant' part was setting it in a different location, in Salisbury instead of Blackheath.

It worked quite well! The group consisted of a pair of Magisters (with very different skills), a roguish Cymri, a Cleric and his (0-level) Neophyte apprentice, and a foreign barbarian (a friend of mine, visiting from Canada, with limited Spanish skills).

By the end of it all, the cleric was dead, the party split, and for no good reason, the barbarian had set half the town of Devises on fire!

The main issue featured the disappearance of some merchants on a small road; which most people suspected was due to banditry but who the PCs' patron suspected was something supernatural. He turned out to be right. A freeholding family had discovered some ancient Roman ruins, and these ruins contained a temple to the "goddess Hecate" (really a demon), began to worship, and used the demonic gifts they were granted to waylay, rob and murder travelers past their farmstead.

The PCs found the ruins, the family got away, and when they explored the ruins they found a section that the family had never discovered (and thus hadn't already looted).  It was full of treasure, but also a tomb of the old Roman priestess of Hecate. The two magisters freaked out, sure it was going to be something supernatural, and ran for it. The Clerics and the Cymri stayed behind, and of course, disturbing the tomb, awoke a Wraith they were horribly under-equipped to fight.

The player of the Cleric, who turned out to be the unfortunate victim of the wraith (while the other fled), is my newest player, and this is actually the first campaign he's ever played. This was literally the first time he's ever had a PC die.

Luckily, he took it well!

Anyways, everyone felt the adventure was fantastic, and had a great time. Even the barbarian, who mostly ignored the entire plot to go on a murder-and-arsonism spree.

That's it for today, I'm off to the street fair!


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