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Wednesday 30 May 2018

Adventure: Assault on Yaxley Manor

So RPGPundit Presents #33: Assault on Yaxley Manor is the newest issue in my series, and I think it's a very interesting kind of adventure scenario.

You see, I wanted to make an adventure (ostensibly for Lion & Dragon but obviously usable for any OSR game) where there was hardly any supernatural elements.  So in Assault on Yaxley Manor you won't find any monsters, and hardly any magic (none that's essential to the adventure, anyways). 

Instead, the conflict is twofold: Man vs. Man, and Man vs. Nature.

It features an isolated village and old manor in an isolated mountain pass, a raging snowstorm, isolation, and a band of ruthless brigands threatening the peace over an old family feud.

So if you're looking to run a session where your PCs are fighting something other than orcs or demons, for a change of pace, check out Assault on Yaxley Manor at DTRPG, or at the Precis Intermedia webstore. It's just $2.99!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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