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Wednesday 9 May 2018

RPGPundit Presents NUMBER 30! The Medieval-Authentic Faerie-Realms Sourcebook

I can't believe we're already at number 30 of the RPGPundit Presents series! It seems like I started it just yesterday.

To celebrate hitting the big 3-0, I figured I had to have a really good supplement for you all. And what I came up with is one that is ostensibly for Lion & Dragon, but you could really use it in the right type of Gonzo campaign too, or any other kind of OSR/D&D game.  It is definitely Medieval-Authentic, but among the most super-cool stuff of that: medieval-authentic folklore.

RPGPundit Presents #30: Twilight Realm of the Fae is a medieval-authentic sourcebook detailing the twilight-lands of the Elves, for the Dark Albion setting and with Lion & Dragon OSR rules.

Based on the medieval legends of elves and faeries, this sourcebook tells you how adventurers can get to the twilight realm (including the magical ritual of "opening the veil"). It tells you about the strange ephemeral nature of reality in the fae realms, and mechanics for manipulating reality there.  It tells you about the realm's effects on magic, both clerical and arcane.

And mainly, it covers with some detail, some great random tables, and some new monsters and encounters, three of the main areas of the Twilight realms: The Great Forest, the Kingdom of the Elves (and the Dark Tower), and the sinister Wastelands where reality becomes the most abnormal and the most dangerous chaos creatures reside.

You also get info on:
-Faerie Wells
-Faerie Animals
-Nature Spirits
-Black Elves

And what things can 'bind' you to the Twilight Realm; and how you can escape.

So all this is just $2.99!

Be sure to check it out; you can buy Twilight Realms of the Fae from DTRPG, or on the Precis Intermedia webstore!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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