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Tuesday 8 May 2018

Where to Chat About Lion & Dragon!

So, have you bought Lion & Dragon yet (if not, go do that right now and then keep reading)?

Did you like it? Want to keep up with news and chat about it?

Then this is a reminder that the place to go for all chat related to Dark Albion or Lion & Dragon is the Official G+ Dark Albion and Lion & Dragon Community!

So go there to keep up to date about the newest RPGpundit Presents products for Albion or L&D, to ask questions, give reviews, or generally talk about the most Medieval-Authentic RPG in the world!


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  1. We still have no name to the author of the poster?

    1. Would you believe I remembered, and was going to write it in here, and then I forgot to, and now I've forgotten the name again!?