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Tuesday 1 May 2018

Classic Rant: Dark Albion Wizard School

You ever get those weird thoughts or inspirations that come out of nowhere? Today while eating, I had a thought about Dark Albion, and what type of campaign setups I hadn't thought of yet.

I came up with one that was hilarious: a campaign where the PCs are all young adults in Cambridge or Oxford at the start of the Rose War period, mostly students of the Collegium or employees of the same. It would be like a mix between every teen college drama ("Felicity, 1453"), harry potter (remember, in Dark Albion Ox-Cam are mainly known as Wizard schools), a horror movie ("Oh bother, we unleashed a demon during spring break!"), and one of those historical-drama 'salad days' depressing movies about young people in 1913 or the antebellum South, knowing that most of them are about to senselessly die in a terrible war.

"I just wanted to row for the college team but instead I had to go scheme to usurp the throne by intrigue and bloody battle from my best friend/ cousin/ nephew. Meanwhile Cornelius is worried about his potion-making mid-term, and is tempted to cheat by summoning Frobatos the Answerer"

By the way, if you haven't seen the documentary series "Britain's Bloody Crown", about the War of the Roses, be sure to check it out! There have been a couple of moments where I disagreed with some of the historical analysis, but on the whole it's another great addition to coverage of a period that is becoming increasingly popular (thanks to Game of Thrones, I suppose). The image I used above is from there.


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(Originally posted February 8, 2016)

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