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Thursday 10 May 2018

Working on my new Web-Show: "Inappropriate Characters"

No time for a blog, I'm currently about to start working on filming what I hope will be the first episode of a brand new web show (but might just be a disaster as we struggle to work out scheduling and managing the tech), called Inappropriate Characters. It stars me and my co-hosts Venger Satanis and James "Grim" Desboroughs!

What will you be able to expect each episode? There will be:
-Talk about current controversies of the RPG world
-Reviews about products
-Special Guests!
-Debates on RPG topics
-Lots of banter between three strong personalities with a few things in common and a lot of differences

Plus probably a lot of really unexpected stuff.

So stay tuned! Inappropriate Characters is coming soon!


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Edited to add: You can now find it here!

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