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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Medieval-Authentic Activities for Successful Characters!

RPGPundit Presents #44: Medieval-Authentic Activities for Successful Characters is a collection of rules which are made for the Lion & Dragon RPG but could also be used in any OSR product with ease (and in D&D or other fantasy games with a bit more effort), that cover a range of possible activities for characters who have moved beyond mere 'survival mode'.

If your character is mid-level, you are going to start doing a few things that are more than just fighting monsters or going into tombs, especially if you are playing a real Medieval-Authentic game!
So here in RPGPundit Presents #44 we have a number of activities that might engage mid or high level characters in a Medieval-Authentic context. These include:

-Working out Cost of Living for your character depending on class and the kind of lifestyle they want

-Renting or purchasing housing or lands. And alternately, what happens if you're homeless in a Medieval-Authentic setting!

-Once you own land, trying to make money off of small-hold farming or ranching, with mechanics to work out how much profit you make, or how much debt you accrue.

-Getting into Mercenary work

-Rising up the ranks of the Clerical order and being given one's own Clerical Priory to run.

-Becoming a professor at a great Magisterial college at Oxford or Cambridge; and what you have to do to get unlimited access to the Alchemical lab or the special collections library.

-Running a guild-affiliated or independent Street Gang in one of the big medieval cities; including likelihood of gang warfare or one of your own men trying to take your job by murdering you.

-Getting work, full time or on-the-side, from your professional skills.

-Or if you want to be in big business, investing in a medieval merchant venture, complete with mechanics for profits, loss, or disasters.

-Getting wanted or unwanted attention from the local nobility, complete with random tables.

-Marriage, children, and inheritance rules for the PC who wants to start a family.

You can get RPGPundit Presents #44: Medieval Authentic Activities for Successful Characters at DTRPG, or at the Precis Intermedia Webstore. It's still just $2.99!

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