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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Some of My Upcoming Productions

Today I thought I'd just share with y'all a preview of a few of the upcoming issues of RPGPundit Presents, not  necessarily in order (that's up to the publisher):

The Dragon Egg: a Medieval-Authentic Dark Albion adventure, taking place in the gritty streets of London. The PCs get involved with the potential purchase of a dragon's egg and a ritual to hatch it. A powerful noble seeks the Egg as a way to gain an advantage for his side in the Rose War, as no dragon has been seen alive in around 200 years. But the item sounds too good to be true, and a sinister inhuman enemy is connected to it with their own agenda.

Medieval-Authentic Activities for Successful Characters: Guidelines and mechanics for non-adventuring activities for mid or high-level characters, covering things like costs of living, purchasing properties or lands, farming or ranching, mercenary work, the responsibilities of high-level Clerics, Magister offices in a Collegium, running a gang, running a business, marriage/children and inheritance, and what happens when you become famous enough to catch the attention of the nobility.

Cult of the Saints: a Lion & Dragon sourcebook with information on how to integrate the veneration of saints into your Medieval-Authentic games, complete with information about how to use icons and relics, prayer for intercession and miracles, along with a big list of some popular Medieval Saints and their areas of influence.

Courtiers, Priests, Sages and Craftsmen: a short Lion & Dragon supplement detailing four classes for NPCs (or PCs, if they really want to be unusual).

The Zombie Kingdoms and the Theocracy of Lariel: a Last Sun gonzo supplement, detailing another region of the world of the Last Sun with two important realms: the vast and sprawling Zombie Kingdom ruled by intelligent undead, where living sentients are chattel, and the land of the strange cult of the Religious Fantastics.

Occult Killer Antagonists: three short Medieval-Authentic scenarios featuring occult-themed villains.

Intelligent Animals: A Last Sun supplement, usable in any gonzo OSR game, for playing intelligent animal characters, with statistics and information on dozens of different kinds of intelligent animals common in the world of the Last Sun.

So that's just what we  have coming up these next few weeks.  If you can think of something you'd like to see me write about for a future RPGPundit Presents supplement, feel free to let me know in the comments!


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  1. Hi,
    Lion & Dragon is excellent.
    Do you have an ETA on Cult of the Saints?
    I was going to hold off on Cults of Chaos but now I'll get them both at the same time.

    1. Cult of the Saints will be out as an RPGPundit Presents product. It should be out sometime within the next 7 weeks (I don't control in which order Precis Intermedia releases my products, so it could be any time in that range).

    2. Thanks.
      I'll keep an eye out.