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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

New Gonzo OSR Adventure: "At the Darkness"!

A terrible Demon Prince rules over a huge section of the northern lands, and has been growing in power and territory for centuries. His power, and ability to remain on the Material Plane, derives from a pit to the Nether Regions that is protected by an impenetrable Field of Darkness.

The heroic PCs discover the magical research notes of the long-dead wizard Banang, who's final entries included this passage:

"Since the beginning of time, every wizard has had only one dream: to be able to cast Magic Missile at the darkness! Now, I have succeeded!"

RPGPundit Presents #42: At the Darkness is a gonzo OSR adventure, set in the world of the Last Sun but playable in any gonzo OSR campaign, involving a quest for the ultimate spell: Advanced Magic Missile, a Magic Missile spell that is finally able to be cast at the darkness, in order to liberate the north from the evil domination of the Demon Prince Zozzsz.   It features wilderness and dungeon adventuring, as the PCs must negotiate Zozzsz's Orcish armies, and his dreaded Wraith Princes, to seek out the only remaining scroll of this mighty spell.

Along the way, they'll also encounter the warrior-cultist Halconlords, Lenny the Cannibal, the local rebellion against Zozzsz's rule, and a doomed community of Hipster Elves living in a ruined elven dome; all of which might be friends... or foes.

Will your PCs be able to obtain the legendary Advanced Magic Missile spell? Or will the terrors of the demon-plagued north destroy them?

You can get RPGPundit Presents #42: At the Darkness from DTRPG, or the Precis Intermedia Webstore. Either way, it's just $2.99!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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  1. My dude, Zozzsz totally needs one of these... Zoz'zsz!

    1. No. I hate RPG setting fake-names with apostrophes. They're a pox on writing.

    2. Pshhh! They're awesome, hoss. Makes your demon seven times more badass!

  2. ...that "At" in the title should be "at."