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Monday 31 March 2014

UNcracked Monday: When "Justice League Canada" Isn't.

I recently told a young would-be comics fan "speaking as a fan of DC, I can tell you that most of what Marvel is doing it total shit right now.  And speaking as a fan of DC, I can also tell you that all of what DC is doing is total shit right now".

Case in point: I'm sure it will go over really well that "Justice League Canada" will have precisely ONE actually Canadian superhero. Two if you count that Adam Strange (wow, there's a real A-lister!) is now suddenly Canadian even though he wasn't at all for the last 70 years.   Even the utter numbskulls at DC seem to have figured out that its stupid to call a team with six Americans and one (theoretically two) Canadians a "Canadian" team, so they've renamed their comic Justice League United.  Apparently, their logical thought process has not extended so far as to figure out  that wait, this comic will SUCK ASS.  But then, since they haven't figured that out about pretty much every other comic they're printing just now, this doesn't really surprise me.

And of course, the one Canadian hero they'll have is a multicultural token female-native character with powers matching the stereotype of her Cree heritage.  Which is a bit like if every Italian superhero had pasta-themed superpowers.  That's the one figure in the comic we get to "represent" Canada.  Oh, and Adam Strange.


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  1. I actually noticed the same thing. DC has it's new hero, who it's touting as a move to attract a more diverse audience, and with the exception of the big, green Martian Manhunter, every single other person on the team is a blue eyed blond. It's the Adventures of Equinox and the Ayran Brigade.

  2. Comics have always been terrible at "diversity heroes" when the company sets out to try to artificially create such heroes. Which I find very ironic, because they've often done fairly well when the point isn't tokenism but just to create interesting characters.
    I just really wish they'd stop giving minority characters powers that are somehow allegorical to their supposed culture or background.

  3. Next thing you know some congress minority will push a bill to have a % of super heroes (and not villains) to be of a minority... Then we will have a contractor Latino superhero that fixes things, and Indian computer super hero that takes calls and fight the evils of Windows ME or Vista, and a black super hero that fights crime in the hod with chicken and waffles as sidekicks.

    Sad Sad Sad