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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

DCC Campaign Update

This weekend we finally finished the (3rd part of the) adventure at hand.  We got a couple of new 1st level characters (from new players in our group), namely an ex-professional-torturess turned mercenary warrior woman, and an ex-astrologer turned wizard (in an already wizard-heavy party).

The party learned:

-The first rule of not getting bored is "don't split up the party".

-The second rule is "don't hang out with four times more NPCs than you have players"!

-Charm person quickly creates little megalomaniacs.

-Said little megalomaniacs can get away with it, at least for a good long while, if they also have some serious magic missile power.

-Some Elves just really, really want to Summon a bear.

-When you're hanging out with a bunch of hired mercenaries, and a bunch of loyal Assassin's Guild assassins, sometimes the best answer is to just let them kill each other.

-A dude with a hoe can occasionally end up surviving to become a hero... but if his name is Olaf, he's also doomed to be called "Hoe-laf" for the rest of his career.

-Ogre Wizards have an excessive love of Color Spray.

-In Arkhome, wealthy parents tell their young children to behave or the halflings will come to eat them.

-Sometimes, the best strategy is to just hide out in a barn full of Giant Snails until the heat is off.

-Sometimes, the best plan is to just sell back the Old Families' children at a bargain price.

-Its not a good idea to start shooting at a non-belligerent Imp when you're surrounded by dozens of mafiosi.

-Imps are tough to assassinate.

-Once in a while, when a gang tries a move to take over the entire city of Arkhome, it may possibly work; but more likely the result will be that instead of two gangs squabbling for control over the city, you end up with six.

-Just because you've been geas-ed to be unable to talk about the Eye Tyrants, doesn't mean they aren't on their way.

-The Snake Witch is alive.


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  1. -The megalomaniac might be going through bi-gender swinging issues which might make him/her behave like a little cunt.

    -Faking that you are taking part of a fight might end up in your blaster blowing up in your face :(

    -That sending a 0 level char with an unscrupulous drunkard and a little megalomaniac to get a large sum of money, will probably end up on the death of that char.

    -That little megalomaniacs are not really good at getting you a great bargain.

    -Now the city is a mess.

    -That there isn't that much time to look for Nicodemus before the Eye Tyrants come.

    -That parenting more that often gets in the way of 3 players not doing what they want.

    -That there is an apparent competition on weather scotching ray or magic missile is better.

    -That certain two players tend to loose track of the luck points they use and how much time elapses in game.