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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Most Racist Area of North America Kicks Out Most Racist Party (but Keeps Being Racist)

Quick quiz: What is the single most racist mainstream political party in North America; that is, a party that has actual chances in elections?

Think its the Republicans?  Not even close.
Tea Party? Not a real party of the kind we're talking about; and even the Tea Party doesn't have the kind of policies the real winner of the title has.

If you're American, you can be forgiven for not knowing the answer, and that's because the party in question in your country.

The most racist party  in North America is the Parti Quebecois, who just got their asses handed to them in the Quebec provincial election.

I mean consider this: imagine if some local party in the U.S. got elected into power on multiple occasions over the last 40 years, and in that time they instituted laws that forced all children to receive English-only education, to limit media that wasn't about White American culture, that made it ILLEGAL to put up a sign, engage in advertising, or even have words in menus written in spanish.  Imagine if they shut down an Italian restaurant for using the "foreign" word "pasta" on its menu instead of "noodles".

You'd say "shit, those are fucking racists", right?

Now imagine if they had passed a law that forbade the use of religious clothing, mainly to stop muslims from being able to wear the Hijab?  This law would oblige all public offices (including schools, hospitals, etc.) to fire anyone (teachers, doctors, public employees, etc) who wear religious headgear or other decorations, including Jewish Kippah/yarmulke, but provided a specific exception to Christian objects (including a huge Cross in the legislature building), citing that these are "cultural heritage".  Imagine if the party did nothing to stop people in its own ranks from being virulently anti-muslim AND anti-semitic at the same time?

You'd say "holy shit those guys are MOTHERFUCKING Racists!". Wouldn't you?

Now imagine if on top of that they regularly talked about seceding from the U.S. in order to preserve their "values" and protect themselves from "outsiders".  Imagine if people in the party regularly talked about the need to protect the state from "foreigners" and "spanish speakers" who aren't "pure" like they are? 
Imagine if they actually went ahead, twice, with referendums for secession?  And imagine if when they lost the referendum, the party leader in his first post-vote address to the public stated that the only reason they lost was because of "Money (i.e. Jews), and the Ethnic Vote"?

I would hope by now you'd be frothing at the mouth about these goddamn motherfucking racists, right?

Well, in Canada, that's the Parti Quebecois, except for the language they're enforcing being French, and the languages being oppressed are all others, including English.  The "pastagate" story is true, by the way.  Look it up.

Most recently, the Parti Quebecois was in government in Quebec for the last 18 months or so.  During this time, aside from the "pastagate" scandal, and the fact that they banned English education even for the children of Canadian Armed Forces members temporarily assigned to Canadian military bases in Quebec (even though this would essentially destroy 1-2 years of education for these children, potentially ruining their lives).  All this while of course they demand that the rest of Canada offer French public education everywhere, even in areas that literally don't have a single native french-speaker for hundreds of kilometers around.
Then they tried to push forward the "Charter of Values", which is the aforementioned law that bans religious headgear or decorations, unless they're Christian. The law was explicitly created and intended to persecute muslim immigrants to Quebec, who generally did not tend vote for the PQ, but the PQ was also very happy to have the persecution extend to Quebec Jews, who are generally anglophones living in Montreal (and who Jacques Parizeau, their leader in the failed referendum in the 1990s, famously surreptitiously blamed for the secession movement's loss).

Now as of yesterday, the PQ got thrown out on their asses.  Great, right? It means Quebec demonstrated some serious basic sanity and replaced them with a sensible party... doesn't it?
No, not really.  More importantly, the REASON the PQ decided to call an election after only 18 months in power was that their "Values Charter" proposition was so IMMENSELY POPULAR with the Quebecois majority that it looked like they would win a solid majority.  They only lost because they got so cocky they started talking about Separating from Canada again, and that is clearly something the majority of Quebecois no longer want (probably because Quebec receives BILLIONS of dollars in aid money from the rest of Canada to support their ruinous economy... why would anyone want to leave in circumstances like that?).

So to review: they didn't kick out the PQ because of the racist language laws (in fact, there is NO major party in Quebec with the guts to try to oppose, or even suggest a moderation of, the language laws; because the measures are so popular with the very very racist Quebecois people).  Nor did they kick out the PQ because of the "Values Charter" (which again, was so immensely popular that even the Liberal party that did win had to promise to keep at least some measures, such as theoretically banning the chador-headscarf for public employees).  They only kicked them out because they didn't want to separate from Canada, lose the gravy train, and become the next impoverished banana-republic backwater of the Americas.

So there you have it.  I'm very glad that the Parti Quebecois got the electoral ass-raping they so richly deserved, and that the vicious corrupt smarmy self-serving cow who led that party (Pauline Marois, the Sarah Palin of Quebec, who often commented proudly on how she can barely speak a word of English, as if her ignorance was a virtuous proof of her "pure wool" Quebec blood) has effectively had her career ruined.  But if anyone thinks that this somehow means that Quebec doesn't have a xenophobic, petty, poisoned society of a kind that would not be tolerated anywhere else in our modern western society (certainly not if it was english-speakers doing it), they're sorely mistaken. 


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  1. I've worked tech support for a company that sold to the US and Canada. I always winced when I saw QC in the address field- more likely than not, I was going to be dealing with a massive entitlement complex.

  2. You say you're not talking about the Republicans, but everything you describe is just like the Republicans.

  3. No, the difference is there are individual republicans who say things like this. But the Parti Quebecois AS A PARTY, and AS GOVERNMENT have imposed these things as LAWS at what would be the state level.