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Sunday 13 April 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

The PCs closed out 1943, first with the Tehran conference, where FDR and Churchill finally met up with that fuckhead Stalin.  The Soviets, in my setting, were consistently frustrated by the fact that they had no superpowered individuals (while at the same time, of course, forbidding vigilantism).  The Americans had hordes of them, and western Europe had relatively less (with Germany having a few more than the rest in Europe, mainly due to super-science and very dark sorcery).   But the USSR had none at all.  So of course, the politburo came up with the first ever Soviet People's Hero:

Red Star!  He's really just one step from a propaganda tool; a soviet crack-shot soldier, who they decided was also politically loyal enough to be made into a ersatz (or would that be potempkin?) hero.

Starman, meanwhile, went on to get the PCs to investigate a case in the midwest of mysterious off-season tornadoes.  He was also secretly investigating some strange reports coming out of Smallville, Kansas. 

What most people don't realize about Starman is that he's a brilliant astrophysicist, and he believes that the reason why the U.S. has the most superheroes, Europe less, and Russia none, is that there was an incident in the mid-1930s that caused a bombardment of cosmic rays on earth, and these cosmic rays specifically fell, in their majority, on the northern half of the western hemisphere (its epicenter was Boston, which would explain why there's more east than west coast heroes, too).

Hmm.. that's odd, Starman's gravity rod uses cosmic rays for its power source doesn't it? The one he started building in the mid-30s?  And Starman's based in Boston, isn't he?  Well, must be a coincidence.  I'm sure he occasionally sounds horribly guilt-ridden for completely unrelated reasons.

Anyways, back to the tornadoes: Starman thought it might be some kind of superscience; the Inquisitor thought it was witchcraft!  It turned out to be her:

The Prairie Witch!  Who is actually not a witch, though she thinks she is.  Her powers, and her greenish skin, was gained due to exposure to radiation from a strange piece of meteor rock from around the Smallville area.   She was trying to frame the gypsy family that rejected her, and at the same time avenge herself on the various small midwestern towns that had spurned her and her family.

Anyways, that's it for today.  Next session it'll be 1944, and things will be intensifying as the war starts to reach fever pitch! Stay tuned.


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