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Sunday 27 April 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

Nothing much new to report in terms of characters this week.  We began a new year in the game: 1944.

The group ended up split for most of the adventure: half of the group went into the wilderness of Canada, in search of a secret Canadian base called Camp X, where a program called "Hydra" was underway.  They only realized later they had pretty well been manipulated into going, to stir up a hornet's nest, by King Faraday, with plausible deniability for himself, so that he could get some important intel on an allied power.  In the process, they fought with Canadian hero Captain Wonder, and ended up nearly blowing up a communications tower that was crucial to the war effort (like, "D-day would need to be delayed a year" crucial).

Luckily by revealing their identities (that they were not nazi spies) this was averted; but they still didn't feel keen on spending the rest of the war in a Canadian prison, so they ran for it and managed to escape back to the U.S.

Meanwhile, the other half of the group went to an even harsher wasteland than northern Canada: New Jersey.  They were there with the All-Star Squadron, forced to hunt down one of their own gone rogue.  The Black Terror, driven to vengeful madness after the death of his sidekick (Tim the Kid Terror) during a fight with some mobsters, had begun to massacre the NJ Mafia, piece by piece, working his way up to an planned killing of the Don's (adult, mobster) son.

Note that none of this would normally be a big deal, but the Mafia had just helped the feds to win Sicily from the Nazis, by using their connections with the Cosa Nostra back in the Old Country, and were patrolling the waterfronts, using their connections to keep a close eye for spies and saboteurs (say what you would about the mob, they were patriotically anti-nazi).

In any case, that part of the adventure ended without a big fight; the PCs managing to convince the Black Terror to hand himself over; his guilt over his sidekick's death had left him broken.

The mob (through Jewish mob boss Meyer Lansky) dealt with their own, assassinating the guys responsible for Tim's death; then the Black Terror escaped from jail when crooked Jersey cops tried to off him for the Don.  He promptly disappeared.  The players debate whether he'll appear again.


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