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Wednesday 25 June 2014

Arrows of Indra: Quick Overview of the Bharata Kingdoms

The following is a quick review of the various human kingdoms of the Arrows of Indra setting.  To recap, the world of the setting is called “Jagat”, the particular region is known as “The Bharata Kingdoms”, which are a group of kingdoms all relatively connected by race and culture.

So, roughly speaking from west to east you have:
Gandara Kingdom: Insanely ancient mountain kingdom; the bharata people came into the region from here.  Necropolises and Naga cities.

Madra Kingdom: rough and tumble western kingdom, don’t follow all the same traditions. Bandits, frontier lands, Naga cities and Demon cities.

Bahlika Kingdom: backwater western kingdom, almost barbarian.

Kuru Kingdoms: a powerful kingdom now split in two by a succession crisis. Home of the Kauravas and Pandavas, rival cousins who are some of the greatest heroes of Jagat.

Matsya Kingdom: a quiet kingdom a bit to the south, tranquil and prosperous.

Mathura: a city state ruled by a usurper that has been turned into a place of evil.  the king’s nephew and true heir to the throne, Krishna, plans to liberate it and slay his tyrant uncle.

Panchala: Another kingdom split in two, this one after a civil war between two best friends; one a king, the other a priest (and the greatest strategist in the world).

Kichaka: A city-state, the king here has turned unholy and is said by some to be possessed.

Kosala Kingdom: once the largest and mightiest kingdom in human history, its glory days were thousands of years ago; now it has split into many principalities, and is in danger of being overrun by the upstart Maghadan Empire.  Still the epicenter of civilization, full of ancient secrets and mysteries.

Kunti and Avanti kingdoms: two kingdoms on the southward trade route. Frontier places on the edges of civilization.

Southern Kosala and Vidarbha: the lands to the south of the riksha mountains, far away from civilization; settled by colonists from the Kosala kingdom when it was at the height of its power. Gateway to the massive Dandaka jungle and its monkey-kingdoms and demon-ruins.

Maghadan Empire: The new up-and-coming powerhouse. Ruled by a favorite of Shiva, said to be able to regenerate any wound, the empire is spreading out and conquering through submission or war every other land in its path.  Its ruler wishes to be emperor of the world.
Videha Republic: an ancient mountain land of seers and sages, now conquered by Maghada.

Ceda Kingdom: a vassal state of the Maghadan Empire, ruled by a wicked and degenerate ruler.

Anga Kingdom: another vassal state of the Empire, ruled by Karna, the greatest warrior in the world, said to be the son of the Sun-God himself.

Dwaraka: Far to the west and south, an island kingdom of rich seafarers. A mystical place of one thousand temples.

I think that’s the lot of them; hope that fires up your sense of imagination for what the game is like!


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(originally posted April 23, 2013, on the old blog)


  1. Can't wait for my hard copy to arrive! Been reading about India in preparation.

  2. With the rumors table you posted recently, I'm jazzed to play in your backyard (as it were).