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Monday 2 June 2014

UNCracked Monday: The Open Veins of Latinamerican Idiocy

So today, I present you a not-quite-deathbed confession of a Uruguayan writer some of you might have heard of.  Eduardo Galeano, who wrote the book Hugo Chavez pretended was his favorite, along with many other latinamerican pseudo-intellectuals and their north-american college-liberal counterparts, "The Open Veins of Latinamerica".

It turns out that Galeano, only some 40+ years too late, has repudiated his book as the drivel it is.  Too late, because he has already ruined the minds of about two generations of gullible latinamerican leftists, desperate to believe (and to inculcate this belief in latinamerican youth) that everything bad that has ever happened to latin america is the fault of evil imperialists and not their own hopelessly inept or hopelessly corrupt political and economic systems.

The book is drivel, as Vargas Llosa said, the whole argument of "Open Veins" was "We're poor, but its their fault".  Now Galeano sees that Cuba and Venezuela are the two worst countries in latinamerica (and Argentina is well on its way) thanks to leftist policies and he's trying to make deathbed-amends for how he utterly ruined two generations of latinamerican minds with this book that indoctrinates them into thinking that nothing that goes wrong for them is ever because of internal bad governance.  Sadly, its probably too little too late.

If you've ever had someone try to tell you how amazing "open veins" is, or try to argue with you based on the pseudo-history and nonsense written therein, I suggest you recommend they read "the Guide to the Perfect Latinamerican Idiot", a specific and thoughtful response to all the fundamental (false) claims of "open veins".


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  1. Ideas have consequences. This book hás ruined brains for a long time in our continent. Greatings from Brazil.