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Wednesday 18 June 2014

Working On Dark Albion

Today I'm going to cut this blog entry short, because I'm starting serious work on preparing my Dark Albion setting to be released as a commercial product!

Yes, at long last, I've found a viable partner in the form of Dominique Crouzet, the author of the OSR game "Fantastic Heroes & Witchery", a mammoth tome of old-school rules that has generated quite a lot of buzz (and that I will be reviewing in a while).  Crouzet approached me a couple of weeks ago, and since then we've been planning and organizing, and Dark Albion will eventually be much-expanded from the basic form currently found on theRPGsite.  Crouzet will not only be publishing Albion but will be contributing material as a collaboration with me on the book.

The commercial version of Dark Albion will include some really amazing maps, excellent art and production, and all-new material, including:

-A complete Chronology of the Rose Wars
-A complete detailed list of significant NPCs, Yorkist and Lancastrian, and noble houses
-New Rules and setting-specific modifications to old-school play
-Expanded details on some of the important areas of the setting (including rules on firearms, poisons, alchemy, character backgrounds, and social status, among others)
-Guidelines on how to run a variety of different games in Albion, including campaigns focused on adventuring in the frontier regions, court intrigues, and warfare.
-Expanded information on the Church of the Unconquered Sun and the Clerical Order
-Expanded information on The Continent, including Frogland and the various other nations of the mainland.
-Some really excellent rules and tables on encounters
-And, no doubt, much more!

The book will be designed to be system semi-neutral, intended to be easily used in any OSR or older-edition D&D rule set, and relatively easily convertible to later-edition D&D and other fantasy RPGs.  There will also likely be an appendix for running Albion specifically with FH&W.

So stay tuned for more information as work proceeds on this.


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  1. My best wishes for the success of Dark Albion!

  2. Sold! This is going to be great. Good luck to you and Crouzet! Both Dark Albion and FH&W kick serious ass.