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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

So in this weekend's ICONS game, set in August '44, we had the Nazi super-speedster Zyklon break out of prison and wreak havoc all over the eastern seaboard to try to slow the supply lines for the allied invasion of Europe.

A couple of new characters were mentioned, though not met personally by the PCs.

First off, the liberation of Paris brought the allied forces into contact with the French resistance, and particularly the mystery woman who was for years the bane of the german occupation forces:

Marie Laroche; the "Black Venus".

Meanwhile, Green Lantern faced off against the game-of-chance based crimes of The Gambler:

One wonders sometimes how "mentally ill guy who thinks he's an old southern poker player" can really pose a meaningful threat to "dude who has a power ring that lets him do anything he wants".

But there's no doubt that this other guy can pose a challenge; its technically not the first time he appeared in the campaign (because he appeared in a time-travel adventure once) but this is the first official appearance of Green Lantern's toughest foe, who also faced off with the Mystery Men:

Solomon Grundy!


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  1. Didn't "Black Venus" used to be Black Angel? I have some of her comics, unless there were two sexy fighter pilots in skintight black outfits...

  2. Its possible, I'm not too sure what her story is. I basically took the image and the name and re-invented her as a french mystery woman.