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Thursday 26 June 2014

DCC Campaign Update

In this week's adventure the PCs went on a long overland trek to:

-Find the Gemstone River, where nary a gemstone was found.

-Bypass the Smug Elves' dome.

-Burn a magical feather-boat, to magically create a boat that was slightly too large to navigate the river.

-Find that in spite of not being programmed for aquatic service, Bolt-O the robot makes a decent gondolier.

-Float past a purple-mutant barbarian village to an unfriendly reception.

-Leave the purple mutants confused as to whether a boat with a cloud of darkness was actually a demon or not.

-Discover that at least one purple mutant wanted to cast magic missile at the darkness, but could not, because he was not a wizard.

-Encounter a living tree (a "Trent"), who collected potions.

-Discover that apparently all Trents enjoy collecting curios of some sort or another.

-Realize that camping outside the boat runs the risk of Kobold marauders trying to steal your boat in the night.

-Get some serious Divine Aid overkill when G.O.D. turned a significant part of the river to a block of solid ice to "make sure the kobolds couldn't get away".

-Learn that being stuck in a block of slowly-melting ice for much of the day leaves you vulnerable to a massive orc attack.

-Note that casting darkness on your boat may confuse purple mutants, but does nothing to dissuade orcs.

-Find that at least one orc wanted to cast magic missile at the darkness, and was indeed a wizard, but could not, because he took a arrow through the heart (from Uhm, the Psychic Red Mutant Caveman) before he could pull it off.

-Nod with wisdom at how what Divine Aid causes, Divine Aid can cure.

-Realize that "scorching ray" does not do well against drenched orcs.

-Leave behind a perfectly good boat when the river turns.

-Note with confusion that the "wasted lands" are actually a fairly lush verdant plain.

-Learn that the "wasted lands" may be called that because of an overabundance of very hostile humanoids.

-Learn that on the other hand, its also possible that the "wasted lands" may be called that because of the preferred vices of the Beach Giant Chiefs.

-Take zoological record of the fact that Imp Familiars are a favored food of Giant Prarie Owls.

-Encounter a particularly tough horde of dog-faced humanoids.

-Discover that when imploring G.O.D., a "burn the heretics" mentality seems more effective than a "help me to show them the righteous path" mentality.

-Finally reach the Bungalow of the Beach Giant Chiefs, only to have to pause there, with almost a month to wait until the next session. Damn.


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  1. No deaths, did the owl eat the imp?

    A whole month before next game?

  2. Good to hear from you!

    No, no deaths. The Imp lives!

    Yes, a month before the next game, as in two weeks' time the Austrians will all be on vacation.

    Do you have my tobacco?

  3. Off-topic, but I rcv'd my hard copy of Arrows of Indra this afternoon. I haven't had a chance to completely read it, but wanted to commend you on the quality of what I have read thus far. I really like the art that repeats on each double-page spread and the rest of the art is almost uniformly excellent especially in the animals/monsters section. The maps are also notably good. And the font for each chapter title is inspired. Can't wait to digest the remainder and recruit some players who are equally tired of the faux-medieval European default setting of fantasy RPGs.

  4. Wow, thank you! Note that I'm not responsible for the art or the production though; all the credit for that goes to Bedrock Games.