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Monday 9 June 2014

UNCracked Monday

Today, a gaming-related Uncracked Monday; a very interesting post-mortem on the catastrophic failure of the development of the "World of Darkness" MMORPG

It had been very highly promoted in some gaming circles; it was being made by CCP, the creators of the very successful "Eve Online".  And yet, now it is as dead as disco.

What I found interesting was the irony of the most famous pretentious Swine RPG having been bought up by what was apparently a computer game company that gradually became Too Pretentious To Live, having bought into the hype of their early success.

One could almost think Pretentiousness is infectious.


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  1. Victims of the self-esteem movement, in my estimation.

  2. I called it a failure at day fucking one. When they announce they were making a MMO I called out that it will fail. Am I prophet, a psychic who can see the future, or some scientist with time traveling device? No! I am a guy who was looking at the MMO market back at 2006.

    MMO's were failing and free to play MMO's were rising. By the time they could get the MMO made the free to play market would had been flooded and have no room for growth. The game was doomed to fail.

    They should had been wiser and made a bloodlines game. Go with Half-Life 2 engine with better graphics would had been the best thing for the game. Hell going full rpg with a toolset to make up your own adventures (aka Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2, and Shadowrun Returns) would be better.