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Thursday 10 July 2014

A Tale of Two RPGnet Mods

As the campaign of the Outrage Brigade flounders and starts to die away in the face of backlash from all the people who are sick of them, there's still a couple of things happening worth pointing out; one for how admirable it is, the other for how ridiculous it is.

Case number one: RPGnet poster and recently-anointed moderator Zeea, who already did something remarkable by actually showing up on theRPGsite to talk to me about the ridiculous allegations made against me by the Outrage Brigade, to see for herself what I had to say about it, instead of wallowing in the fashionable witch-hunt that was taking place.  Deciding to look at the facts, she found to her surprise that the "case" against me (and Zak S.) was largely a pack of bullshit.

Then she did something even more remarkable: she apologized

So, very impressive. Someone who had every reason to believe in the people who were lying about me, but went out of her way to figure things out for herself.

But just in case this was all making you start to feel some sense of hope for human dignity, let's look at the other side of the coin: rpgnet mod, SA-goon and all-around-asshole Ettin. Has he apologized for being one of the principal architects of the lies told about me, or strongest pushers of the campaign to try to somehow have me retroactively blacklisted (I mean seriously, what do these guys think is going to happen, that Wizards of the Coast will just scrap everything they've done so far so that they don't have to put my name on the credits?!)?

No, quite the contrary.

You see, the RPGsite mods are able to see what threads posters are looking at.  My tech mods have pointed out to me that over the past two days, several individuals, but especially rpgnet-mod and SA-goon Ettin, have been frantically poring over theRPGsite in a desperate search for "evidence" to use against me. We've spotted him looking at threads from eight or nine years ago, looking for ammunition.

Which is hilarious, not only for how pathetic it is, but for how it proves that the people who love to crow on about how 'irrelevant' I am have probably read more of what I've said with more extreme attention, dedicated more hours to the study of me, than the biggest pundit fan ever would.  Here's Ettin, who has often desperately tried to portray me as a nobody, and upon finding that particular little lie-to-himself profoundly challenged by the fact that I (and not he, or people he approves of) was chosen to be one of the figures brought in to influence the direction of the new edition of D&D (a new edition that, by the way, I have been told is doing extremely well so far!), he decides to try to 'ruin' me.   I'm sure he'd hoped that the mere accusation would work, only he wasn't dealing with some hapless innocent who doesn't already know all the tricks.  Suddenly, he found himself having to look for actual real 'proof', where there was none to be found; so now he's been reading everything I've ever publicly written, going back as far as a DECADE, to try to desperately find any snippets he can cut out of any sense of context to compile a sad sorry list of allegations against me.  In the process, he's shown the entire world just how obsessed he is, just how important it is to him to try to 'beat' me.

He has become the most dedicated student of my writings.
But really, it's not like he hadn't read most of it before; the average gamer would find it hilarious just how many of the rpgnet-modclique and the SA-goons we spot very regularly poring over not only my every word, but pretty well everything that's going on over at theRPGsite.  I guess competition scares them.  It should, since they're losing.

Oh yes, one more detail: let it never be said that Ettin is gracious in humiliation, either.  His reprisal when we pointed out what he was doing was the ban "One Horse Town", one of our moderators, from rpgnet.  He didn't really care whether it was OHT who had anything to do with having spotted Ettin looking at eight year old threads or not, or the fact that it didn't have anything to do with rpgnet per se, he just lashed out like an angry toddler at someone he could hit.

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  1. The moderators on are above the rules power abusive morons. They have no real power in real life and abuse the quasi power they have on the forum. They are pathetic and most likely are social retards in real life

  2. I do think that many of the most atrocious mods on rpgnet, or elsewhere, are so excited at exercising their power over their little private kingdoms because they have no respect, power, or authority in real life.

    1. @RPGPundit: Since most of them act like turds when they are online/On there may be a good reason they get no respect or have no power/authority in real life.

      People can tell when a person will abuse their authority or are not mature enough to handle power. And their stunted maturity is what holds them back in real life, and as you said causes them to abuse their so called power online

  3. If you were a bigoted asshole, I doubt you would have put a trans person on the cover of your game or have been as vocal in your support of LGBT people as you have. These pathetic troglodytes don't have shit on you.

  4. Yeah, well, I think we've seen that some assholes hate to have pesky little things like facts intrude on their witch-hunt.

  5. What exactly is their beef with you?

    I saw on that merely mentioning your name in perfectly legit context leads to "warnings" and threats of banishment (as if I give a crap about being allowed to post there).

  6. Their main beef is that I keep beating them. That I keep being proved right about the hobby and gaming, and they're wrong. And that I keep succeeding while they fail.