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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dark Albion: Contents Preview

I've been quite busy these past few days trying to work on the Dark Albion project (the publication of my expanded OSR game setting in collaboration with Dominique Crouzet, author and publisher of the very popular Fantastic Heroes & Witchery RPG), and I have to say it's starting to form into something quite appealing.  I think this will end up making a really awesome OSR setting-book.

So I figured I'd share with you all some of the details of what Albion will feature.  Here's a rough outline of the table of contents as Dominique Crouzet and I are currently planning it:

Introduction - 14 pages
(will include an explanation of the basic ambiance of the game, its themes, and a guide to some of the background of the setting, including a brief chronology of historical events leading up to the Rose War)

The Gazetteer - 45 pages
(this is the guide to the locations in Albion, most of which was already published for free on this blog and compiled on theRPGsite's Dark Albion megathread)

Lands of the Continent - 10 pages
(a brief guide to the various countries of the Continent)

Character Creation - in progress
(guidelines for how to modify your preferred rules for creating characters specific to Albion.  Will include tables and rules for Social Class, home location, races and classes, starting money, equipment and economics)

Magic and Miracles - in progress
(guidelines for modifying your spellcaster classes to fit the Albion setting; including new spells)

Magic Items - in progress
(guidelines on how to handle magical items in the Albion setting, and some new or specific items)

Poisons, Herbalism and Alchemy - 3 pages
(rules and lists of poisons, herbal cures, and alchemical substances common in Albion)

Creatures - in progress
(some of the particular creatures of Albion)

Roads, Travels, and Encounters - 20 pages
(written by Dominique Crouzet, with additions and editing by the RPGPundit, this chapter presents guidelines and encounter tables for travel on the King's roads, in the wilderness, and in the cities and towns of Albion)

Chaos Cults - 10- 15 pages
(A collaboration between Crouzet and the Pundit, this give guidelines, rules and tables for handling Chaos Cults and characters who turn to the service of Chaos)

Adventure Locations - in progress
(A series of templates of typical locations and their adventuring potential, written by the Pundit and featuring some spectacular maps by Dominique Crouzet; these will include:
-Typical Barrow Mound
-Typical Goblin Warren
-Typical ancient tomb
-Typical Arcadian catacombs
-Typical Military Encampment
-At the Court
-At a Fair/Tourney)

Chronology of Potential Future Events  - 20 pages
(a detailed chronology of events that may take place in the course of the Rose War in Albion, as well as events on the Continent)

Important Characters of the Present and Future - 9 pages
(a list of the significant NPCs of the various noble houses of Lancaster and York)
Significant NPCs on the Continent - in progress
(important characters found on the Continent, including the Pontifex, the High Commander of the Clerical Order, Philip of Burgundy, Sir Pierre de Braap (general of the Frogmen forces), King Casimir Jagiello, King Mattias Corvinus, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, and the Princes Vlad Tepes and Radu Bey)

GM Secrets - in progress
(a detailing of some of the important secret events or secrets of important NPCs in the setting)

The Clerical Order - in progress
(more information on how the Clerics work in the setting, including their hierarchy and structure)

The Order of the Knights of the Star - 2 pages
(special information on the most important secular order of knights in Albion)

Appendix I: Conversion Notes for Fantastic Heroes & Witchery

Appendix II: Inspirational Reading, Viewing, and Gameplay

Appendix III: Locations of the Pieces of the Holy Lance of Mithras

Appendix IV: Dangers of the Orkney Isles

Appendix V: Quick Reference Lists
List of Anglish Kings
List of Clerical Commanders in Albion
List of Chancellors of the Magisterium, Oxford
List of Chancellors of the Magisterium, Cambridge
List of Clerical High Commanders
List of Pontifexes

So there we are.  The list above is still subject to change, but as you can see the end result is going to be a couple of hundred pages of awesomeness.  

Expect it sometime in 2015.


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  1. Hi!
    Sounds like 100% awesome! Almost can't wait to see and use this. Sounds like it will be useful for a variety of rules systems, and will contain lots of stuff to put to use in other/own settings as well.
    Is Dark Albion gonna be statted for a system other than Fantasic Heroes & Witchery (as Appendix 1 is mentioned as conversion to FH&W)? Is it B/X or ?

    Continue the work, souns like it WILL be a great setting book indeed!

  2. The book will assume you're using some variety of old-school D&D or OSR equivalents. It'll be written with the assumption of those being the stats, etc. used.