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Wednesday 9 July 2014

DCC Campaign Update.. Sort Of

So this is not technically an update of my DCC campaign, because we didn't play this weekend.  Instead, on Sunday I went off to a special gaming con being put together (as part of a larger series of youth events this winter vacation) by the Montevideo city government.  "", the local gaming forum, had helped co-ordinate it, and I was invited to run a game; since I always like helping 2d4orcos out, I agreed. 

I had kind of forgotten that this was going to take place the weekend after the release of 5e D&D. As it turns out, it was quite the experience; the adulation I got from some of the gamers there was pretty awesome, I have to admit.  It was also awesome that I was running DCC, and over at the table next to mine they were playing Lords of Olympus (which has become very popular in Uruguay).

But anyways, we played with a group of five: one was a gaming veteran, the other four relative newbies, a group of four friends in their late teens who had each played an RPG between 0-3 times. None had ever played an Old School RPG before (in fact, only one had ever played D&D).

In this adventure, our intrepid Substitute Heroes learned that:

-Among the mutant villages of the Tangled Forest, a Mud-raker earns more than either a baker or a gaucho, but not as much as a con artist.

-No one trusts the Transparent Mutants.

-The forest is littered with the ruins of the Great Neutral Kingdom, who were too indecisive to stop the onslaught of the forces of Law and/or Chaos.

-The Triangle Mutants are too caught up in their war with the Square mutants to give a crap about figuring out what monstrosity came out of the ancient ruins to massacre the Stick Mutants.

-Cannibal Riverweed is nothing to trifle with.

-On the other hand, cannibal riverweed looks like a walk in the park compared to a Vicious Giant Wiener Dog.

-When your best warrior has a crippling phobia of bright lights, it's not a good idea to cast spells that mercurially involve flashes of bright light; especially if said warrior is the only thing standing between you and a giant killer wiener-dog.

-When exploring the ruined metal temples of the Ancients, it's not necessarily a good idea to press a bunch of buttons on any old panel you come across.

-Killer robots come in Square and Triangular forms... coincidence? Probably not.

-When a single level-1 warrior is the last man standing against a killer robot, making use of the ruins' automated traps can be a life-saving (and adventure-defining) moment.

-Unfortunately, finding a big locker full of still-viable Ancient Tech is not worth that much when one of your mutants doesn't have the wherewithal to estimate the blast radius of an ancient incendiary grenade.

At the end of the day, the body count was 4 dead out of a total of 7 characters made.  The PCs killed a patch of killer Riverweed, a Giant Wiener Dog, and two evil Robots. The successfully avoided getting into fights with either the Triangle or the Square mutants. Everyone had a grand time.


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