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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Join the Pundit-Boycott List for Fun and Profit!

The net effect of the Outrage Brigade's actions thus far has been to double the readership of my blog, to radically increase attention to (and, in all likelihood, sales of) my own RPGs like Arrows of Indra and Lords of Olympus, and to increase traffic on my forum, theRPGsite.  It's quite possible that it has also increased downloads of the D&D Basic PDF, and sales of the Starter Set, though in both cases the net effect there is probably a drop in the bucket in the larger scheme of things.

They're literally MAKING ME MONEY now.

In any case, I decided that since the efforts of the Outrage Brigade have been so successful at making me more rich and more famous, I ought to try to share the love a little bit, and see if we can't get them outraged about some of the many, many other products that I have been given credits in, publishers that have hired me or otherwise collaborated with me, and industry leaders that have patronized me in other ways, with the goal of helping all my friends increase their own sales and profile. 
Let it never be said that I'm miserly!

 So for example:

"Attention, Outrage Brigade!  Wizards of the Coast is not the only company that has been "legitimising" the RPGPundit!  I'm actually listed on Corporia too, as a Contributing Editor.  That's even more impressive than Consultant!
So you probably want to start writing to everyone that the the CORPORIA RPG (make sure you spell it right) has had the gall to credit that terrible RPGPundit as an editor! Tell everyone you know about the Corporia RPG!"

There, Mark. Now you owe me one, I just sold you like a 100 copies of your book at least.
"Pete Spahn's Small Niche Games published THE GUIDEBOOK TO THE CITY OF DOLMVAY, where, to everyone's horror, he has put a 'thank you' to known monster RPGPundit in the credits!  We urge all dedicated internet warriors of relatively ineffectual pseudo-activist causes to reshare, tweet, and generally make a point of putting enormous attention on Small Niche Games and specifically the CITY OF DOLMVAY book, to teach this person a stern lesson about supporting a meanie like the Pundit!"
You don't even have to have actually given me a credit, to get in on the action!:
"The people at Cubicle 7 clearly haven't gotten the message of how dangerous it is to "legitimize" the RPGPundit!  In fact, they kind of started it all, by giving him a playtester credit in the original edition of their Doctor Who RPG!

But now, to add insult to injury in supporting this bestial criminal who has said MEAN things about people that compare D&D fans to brain-damaged child-abuse-victims, they have just sent him not one but FOUR spectacular free review copies of their recent RPGs, all in glorious hardcover.

If you hate the Pundit for things other people have invented about him, then you absolutely must tell everyone about how the makers of VICTORIANA, ROCKET AGE, WORLD WAR CTHULHU and the new Limited Edition DOCTOR WHO RPG hardcover have completely ignored how mean the Pundit is, and the profound fake concern of numerous self-styled gatekeepers, for no other reason than that he is just the best most reliable RPG reviewer in the hobby; as if that mattered more than the fact that sometimes swears at people and that various unsubstantiated and untrue remarks have been made about him by D&D fans who got their feelings hurt!

Also, they have given aid and succor to his cat, who is probably a racist, in the form of a box just big enough for her to fit inside
 Don't let the Pundit and his evil cat get away with it!  Let everyone know about Cubicle 7's awesome games and how they must be punished for allowing his toxic influence on the hobby to flourish and make our own toxic influences look incompetent by comparison!"

(I'll note I added the cat picture because I know the rpgnet crowd likes both Fake-Outrage and Kittens; so I thought maybe a cat picture would help spread the word...)

At this point, I'm also open (for a small fee) to publicly associating myself with games or publishers that I have not yet been associated with, for the purpose of rallying the Outrage Brigade against them too, and thus leading to a proven boost in their visibility and sales.  Anyone wanting my services in this regard is free to send me a private message.  Don't miss this excellent chance to promote your product and improve your sales by tapping into the awesome marketing power of the fake outrage (and true bitter impotent envy) of the pseudo-activists!


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  1. Can you shoot me the link to the review you did of Adventures Dark and Deep on the old blog? I want to use some choice quotes in my advertising.

  2. You can find it here:

  3. I still do not get it - why are they so "outraged" against you? Because of you (rather moderate) political views? Because you (justifiably) criticized Carcosa?

  4. He made fun of White Wolf and the stereotypical 90's-era White Wolf player. This is apparently unforgivable and 'homophobic'.

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  6. Depending on the shipping costs, I'd like to send your cat another box to play with.

  7. I recall all the paper bags mom disposed of after grocery shopping by letting a cat or cats play with them. Poor things wouldn't last an hour.

    As to griefers, I suspect that if everybody got an assessment during childhood the incidence of Aspies in this society would balloon.

  8. Uh oh, here comes Kanye again.