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Thursday 17 July 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

Having skipped the previous session, this week the group met for the last adventure of 1944.  The adventure took place in Gotham city, and the PCs got to meet with Wildcat, with Green Lantern (at the end), and with a police officer by the name of Jim Gordon.  The main event was that they were called up by a rather desperate Johnny Thunder, distressed at having been beaten up by a girl, and needing the PCs' help in rounding up this dangerous but beautiful villainess. As it turns out, she was actually a hero in disguise, having pretended to be a crook to infiltrate the higher levels of Gotham's Crime Syndicate.  Her name?

Black Canary.

This adventure mimicked the real first appearance of the Golden Age Black Canary. She started out as a guest in Johnny Thunder's regular comic series and the two became partners (they seem like something of an odd match today, but back then I guess it somehow made some weird sort of sense).  As it happened, however, Black Canary turned out to be far more popular than poor Johnny ever was, and eventually he just vanished and she became the full time lead on his former series.  The rest is comic book history.


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  1. I imagine a world where Johnny Thunder was the one who staid around and Black Canary vanished would be a very, very sad one.

  2. Well, I am glad that Johnny Thunder came back later...