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Sunday 20 July 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

Yesterday, the campaign entered the start of 1945, the last year of the war.  1944 was relatively quieter for the Mystery Men, but it seems likely that as the Third Reich enters its last gasp, things will heat up again.

For this adventure, however, the villains weren't axis, but rather a group of androids from the distant future.  A temporal accident had dumped them in the past, and they were stuck following their program, killing human beings while they waited for a way to return to their own time. 
I should mention that the androids in question looked like this:

And yes, this guy was around too, to help stop them:

It was great fun getting to play Brainiac 5 again, particularly in an adventure where he was extremely vulnerable: lost in time, no force-field belt or flight ring, and trying to stop dangerous killer androids created by one of his descendents. 


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