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Tuesday 16 December 2014

Check out my new Gig!

So, the reason why there wasn't an 'uncracked monday' yesterday (or anymore) can now be revealed:  I've got a new writing job.

Over at, the politics and current-events sister site to The Escapist, I've been hired to be their newest political columnist, or maniac-at-large (every decent magazine needs one!), in a weekly column entitled "Riposte Modernism".  Unlike most of the other columnists there, who write about a specific subject area or theme, I've been given free reign to write about any freaking thing I want. Expect it to be interesting.

So please, check out my first article:  "Postmodernism is Now Killing Its Designers".

And please, feel free to share, repost, 'retweet', or whatever the kids are doing these days to spread the word!


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