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Sunday 21 December 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

In this week's adventure, the penultimate one of this campaign, we moved up to the year 1947, and the PCs were coming to grips with the fact that the golden age of mystery men was effectively over.  Some PCs were making plans for the future that involved retiring as Mystery Men (or, at least in one case, going over to be the national hero of the future state of Israel).   But their adventures weren't quite over yet, as through a message from the now-hospitalized Starman, the PCs came to discover that an alien ship was on a collision-course with Earth.  It would land (or rather, crash-land) in a little town called Roswell.

The PCs went to investigate, and there they ran into these guys:

That's right, the Dominators! Evil alien overlords of half the known galaxy!

Naturally, the PCs killed them all right away.  That didn't actually solve much of anything, because as it happened this was an escape pod that had fled a massive space battle not far from our solar-system, and the PCs then found out that there was a massive heavily-armed stellar Warship full of a warrior-race known as the Khunds, who were coming to rescue their masters.

They ended up in Area 51, where they got a bit of help in figuring out alien tech from a brilliant young scientist, by the name of Professor Walter Haley:

He in turn was very impressed by the Mystery Men, and started to consider a change of career.  Not to one of wearing a domino-mask and fighting mobsters, mind you, but of exploration and adventure of a new sort, stepping forward to "Challenge" the "Unkown".  In many ways, marking the future kind of hero that would arise in the 1950s, in between the generations of super-heroes.


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