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Tuesday 2 December 2014

Dark Albion Update/Preview

Work continues apace on the upcoming Dark Albion OSR-setting book, which will be published by DOM games (makers of Fantastic Heroes & Witchery).  One of the chapters that is planned to be included in the book (if we don't run out of space, it's going to be big!) is a chapter detailing the Chronology of the Rose Wars.

Obviously, this will be used only as a guideline for the GM for adventure seeds, mostly based on the real history of the War of the Roses, and with the assumption that the GM can alter the timeline as he wishes, and to represent any possible effects the PCs' actions might have on the course of events (if you're running that sort of campaign where the PCs are significant and central enough to be capable of changing major historical events).

You can find a preview of much of the timeline in the massive Dark Albion thread on theRPGsite.  Here's a new installment, for the year 1468:

-Auric I of Northland officially withdraws all ownership of the isles off the Scots Land coast to Robert Bruce in exchange for certain treasures recovered by adventurers from the Valley of the Jarls.

-movable type printed books, from Gutenberg's machine, begin to arrive in Albion.

-after 7 years of siege, Harlech castle surrenders; only 50 men remain alive inside, including 11-year old Henry Tudor; Tudor is handed over to William Herbert where he suffers unspeakable tortures.

-William Herbert is made Earl of Pembroke. Thomas "the Scot" Rotheram is made Bishop of Rochester.

-John De Vere, Earl of Oxford, is arrested for alleged Lancastrian sympathies, some suspect that his arrest may have been due to his overtures toward Warwick. Richard Woodville supports the arrest and oppose Warwick's voiced protests about it.

-George Duke Clarence made full Knight of Star (at age 19).

-"Robin of Redesdale" lifts the Merry Men from Nottingham in rebellion against King Edward, demanding that the Woodvilles be stripped from power. They have been bribed in this by Warwick. "Robin" is actually Sir William Conyers, a Lancastrian outlaw. John Neville (Warwick's brother) confronts them but intentionally allows the bulk of the rebels, including Robin, to escape.

-Pontifex Paulus II publically arrests 10 cardinals he accuses of plotting against him.

-24 year old John Woodville is knighted.

-Skanderbeg, the great hero-prince of the Albani who has fought for decades against the Turk in the Borderlands, dies of malaria.

-Charles the Terrible is in conflict with the principality of Lorraine. He therefore does not send them help against a Frogman offensive; several valiant troops of the Lancastrian court join the fight against the Frogmen.

-Warwick begins to plot with George Duke of Clarence. The agreement is that Clarence will marry Isabel, Warwick's 18 year old daughter, whom Warwick had previously tried but been forbidden from marrying her to Clarence by King Edward.

In our campaign:  in the Albion campaign, the PCs (loyal at that time to Warwick) participated in the engineering of "Robin of Redesdale's" rebellion.  They had also been the heroes responsible for entering, looting, and recovering the treasures from the "valley of the Jarls", where they had been sent by Warwick to secure an alliance with the Scots Men to obtain eventual mercenary reivers.


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