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Monday 8 December 2014

UnCracked Monday: Star Trek Woes, This Time (plus I shit on Star Wars a Little More, Just for Kicks)

So after trashing the trailer for the new Star Wars, I guess it's time to take a stab at Star Trek.

The news of the week? Apparently the guy who was going to direct the new Star Trek film has been given the can.

Based on what we see in the article above, this was probably a good move; because he was a guy with no directorial experience who also had ideas that looked like the makings of an utterly godawful movie.

On the bad side?  Remember everything I said about the Fucking Nerds and how their obsessions ruin franchises?  Well, the Nerds are at it again; now they want Commander Riker to direct the new movie.  Why? Well, obviously for many good reasons, all of which are that he was Commander Riker.  Its for the same reason that they keep wanting to demand that old actors and old characters make appearances even if they need to be shoehorned into plots, or why we're likely going to have some severely aging actors doing action scenes in the Star Wars movies that will look ridiculous, because Han Solo has to not just be a hero, but be exactly the same type of hero he was in the old show, only now he should be Even More That.  So there's 50/50 odds we'll be seeing a nearly-septuagenarian Harrison Ford doing CGI-assisted kung-fu moves or impossible jumps or whatever, to satisfy the fucking nerds.

And before you try to tell me that Frakes is an "acclaimed director", I don't see much acclaim in anything he's done as a director.  He's a mediocre director, and what some will claim as a point in his favor (that he directed Star Trek before) is actually a point against him (because he directed the type of Star Trek that ultimately ran the franchise into the ground).

Anyways, that's it for today.  Talk amongst yourselves.  This may be the last regular "uncracked monday" (though there'll obviously be times I'll post links here to various things, in this same style).  Stay tuned for something new coming up sometime next week, as I have suddenly experienced a very unexpected turn in my career that you'll all be hearing about shortly.


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  1. On the one hand, undoing the timeline of NuTrek would be nice since I think Abrams made Star Trek into just another action series. On the other hand, it would make no business to sense to "reboot" your "reboot" after only two films.

  2. Of course what I think doesn't matter since I won't be seeing any of these new Star Trek Wars anyway. I'll stick to my DVDs of the originals, thanks.