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Sunday 7 December 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

So in the latest game, the Mystery Men and the JSA were facing the post-war doldrums of a world where superheroes and masked men were falling out of fashion.  Many of the greatest golden age heroes were retiring, the Mystery Men were down to only 4 members, and the JSA had lost many of their heavy-hitters and were looking more and more like the Farm Team.

But just as they were questioning whether they were even needed now that there were no more Nazis to punch (except for all the ones that were now working for the U.S. government, that they're not allowed to punch), a big threat came along that at least momentarily made it clear that superheros are still necessary.

Vandal Savage had a plan to destroy the JSA, and it turned into a plan to steal the Spear of Destiny, which had ended up in the hands of the Archangel (one of the PCs).  He had assembled a team of powerful allies, including the super-psychic Brainwave, who the Mystery Men and JSA had both faced off against on several occasions. They also faced some new, super powered villains:

The Psycho-Pirate, master of emotional manipulation!

The Icicle, with his super-freezing gun!

And the Wizard, a master of the mystic arts who uses his power for evil rather than good!

In the end, the heroes got the upper hand, but Vandal Savage got away, made unknown manipulations to two of the PCs, and it's not totally clear whether Brainwave was really killed, or used his incredible mental powers to somehow cheat death.


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