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Wednesday 3 December 2014

Precis Intermedia Super Sale (or "Just who Exactly is on Drugs Here?!")

God I'm a cheap lay sometimes.   But hey, these days, anything that gives me a reason to skip having to write a real blog entry so that I can keep working on the nearly-home-stretch of Albion is a good thing.

And at least this is filler that can save YOU money.

Have you ever wanted to own the absolutely gorgeous full-color Lords of Olympus print edition? Or maybe, with the holidays coming up, you wanted to give a truly beautiful RPG book to a friend or loved one? Was it too expensive at $54.95?  Well what if you could get it now for just $39.95?!  That's the price of a regular, shitty black-and-white book (and one that isn't even Lords of Olympus at that)!

 (note: online images do not adequately represent the prettiness of the full-color book in person)

That can't be right,  Pundit, you tell me, surely you're mistaken. Precis Intermedia would never let you do such a thing!

Let me?  I tell you: the $39.95 LoO was their idea!

But that's not all! Are you such a cheap bastard that you still want the black and white edition instead?  Well right now, it can be yours for $19.95.  That is NOT a typo!  Originally $35, you can now get this massive all-inclusive RPG of diceless multidimensional Machiavellian internecine struggle, good for decades of campaign fun, for less than the price of a night at the movies!

What is going on?!, you ask.  Are you on drugs? Is Precis Intermedia on drugs? Am I on drugs and this whole conversation is actually happening in my own mind while I'm having a seizure on top of my neighbour's lawn chair? 

Well, I can't answer all those things! I'm not god or something, just a wizard with a pipe and a bad attitude. But I can tell you that you haven't heard everything yet. There's more!

Want to be an absolute RPGPundit completist?  Get Gnomemurdered, the RPG/Party Game about evil Gnomes for only $12.95!  Not sure its worth it? Get the PDF alone for only $2.95!

Yes, Brett Bernstein  of Precis Intermedia is off his meds again (or on them again, not sure which), and he's decided that Everthing Must Go!  I keep trying to tell him that in the post-internet world of electronic media and print-on-demand it is impossible for "everything" to "go" ever again but he doesn't seem to want to accept that reality.

So all these fine Pundit products, and a large number of excellent Precis Intermedia products (including Shatterzone and Two-Fisted Tales, two of my faves), are all on sale right now, right here.

In other news, I'm available for hire to write advertising and publicity copy. Get in touch!


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