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Tuesday 17 February 2015

EveryJoe Tuesday: An Against-the-Grain Perspective on What the Republican Party Should Become

Today over at EveryJoe we look (in the final part of the series) at whether the Republican party really could move away from the Religious Right and have a hope of winning elections.

Because that's obviously the final argument for why we need to keep these theocratic authoritarian Collectivist fucks that stand for nothing that free-thinkers stand for: "oh, we need them! We can't possibly win elections without them, look how close the political divide is in this country, we need every vote we can get!!"

Look, asshole, what if the political divide is so close, almost 50-50 in this country, only BECAUSE the party that claims to believe in small-government and personal freedom is full of Religious Fascists?  Have you considered that, maybe, if the Republican party were to just be capable of breaking away from the loony-bin theocrats who have insinuated their way into the American Right, it has a golden opportunity to become the saner, broader, more tolerant party of absolutely everyone that doesn’t want a government to tell them how they have to live?

And I suspect that it would proceed to kick the ass of the social-engineer nanny-state looney bin fascists that are full of smug assholes who sneer while they talk about how they think they know what's best for you. 

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