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Monday 2 February 2015

Traveller Campaign Update: Better Call...

The first session went very well, with a sufficient mix of serious roleplay, peels of laughter, crazy goings-on, and setting-tourism.

Very early on, it became clear that the six-man party was going to be divided into two opposing "schools of thought", what we could term on the one case the "sane party", and on the other the "bugfuck crazy asshole party". Strangely, not all of the usual candidates from the player pool fell into their traditional party positions.

The players of the Sane Party were generally trying their damnedest not to learn anything or do anything at all to further involve themselves in the events that were clearly going on in the background around them relating to the mysterious murder of one of the PC's "Uncle Roman".  The other side were mostly going in for it, not quite whole-hog but not really willing to avoid taking the bait.

By the end of the session, the players had learned that among other things, Uncle Roman may or may not have been killed by the mob, that he was apparently a skilled saxophonist, that he still had a crazy bug-eyed 'doc brown' look even in cryogenically-preserved death, that he may have been working for the mob that killed him, and that he was quite the charmer with local nobility and nonagenerian professors alike.   They were also all (even his nephew) rueing the day that they'd ever heard of "Uncle Roman".

They had their ship totally bugged with high-tech devices, gotten into utterly un-necessary bar-fights, met a weird tentacle-alien that was surprisingly polite, and got stranded in the countryside when some assassin's supertech-EMP pulse disabled their vehicles and they couldn't roll a mechanics check to save their life (almost literally).

They also learned that being a Count was exactly impressive enough to warrant having your text messages replied to, but not quite impressive enough to have someone bother to come and see you without further incentive.

Finally, by the end of the session the Sane Party decided that at least one member of the Bugfuck Crazy Asshole Party was just too Bugfuck Crazy and needed to be kicked out of the partnership; unfortunately, the dude didn't want to sell his 10% share in the ship, not even if all the planet's authorities and probably all the planet's mob desperately wanted the group gone.
With neither of the sides willing to compromise, it was time for the Sane Party leader to go hire the Third Imperium's version of this guy:

And take the whole situation to court.

That's where we left off for the day.  When you graduate from murderous mobsters to lawyers, you know you've gone up shit creek without a paddle.  In my last entry, I'd said it looked like they weren't going to be so much playing Star Trek as Guardians of the Galaxy. Now I realize I was wrong again: they're not so much going to be playing Guardians of the Galaxy as they are one meth lab away from playing "Breaking Bad in Space".


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