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Sunday 22 February 2015

You Know Your LotFP Characters Are Getting Too Powerful When...

In the last two sessions of my LotFP Dark-Albion game, I had the players go through a very slightly modified version of The Monolith Beyond Space and Time (which I reviewed last year).  They got to the Monolith at the end of the first session, and then yesterday, we picked up from there.

And the PCs basically turned this:

Into this:

They owned that bitch.  You know, given the nature of that adventure, it might just be a sign that the PCs have gotten a little too powerful (they're average level 9 now, I think).

Luckily that's totally fine, because I know there's only so many more adventures left in the campaign.  And even so, there's still the risk elements caused by the total absence of resurrection magic.  In fact, in the session last nights the party nearly got casualties a couple of times, not from anything to do with the Monolith, but from encounters in places they visited with it (a Bronze Golem guarding the Paris Treasure Vault of the Frogmen, and a Bronze Dragon guarding a piece of the Lance of Mithras in the catacombs below the ruins of Corinth).

Anyways, just thought I'd share that little detail.  In spite of how easy-peasey the Monolith was, my players are still really enjoying the LotFP game and the Dark Albion campaign alike.  They're in 1479, the campaign ends in 1485, so I figure there's maybe only a dozen or so sessions left. Home Stretch.


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  1. Interesting. Is this a face-to-face game or online?

  2. Interesting. Is this a face-to-face game or online?

  3. Face to face. I don't play online games.

  4. You've got amazing players, for sure!