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Tuesday 10 February 2015

Everyjoe Tuesday: It Was the Middle Part

Today's Everyjoe article has a slightly academic look at a question important to conservatives in the U.S., because a lot of them talk about the tremendous importance of Christianity's role in the United States' founding and on the history of western civilization in general.

But just how important is it? What role did it play?

The answer is: the middle part.  It was act 2 of a 3 part act. So, important but not inextricable, western civilization didn't start with it, didn't end with it, and not really all that important to cling to now.

If you want the full story, and the question of how this fits into Why U.S. Conservatism Needs a Divorce (Part II), please check out the link.  Please reshare it, and please go comment over there (comments here are closed, but I will answer your comments there!).


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