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Tuesday 24 February 2015

EveryJoe Tuesday: A Free-Market Defense of Net Neutrality, With a LOT of Profanity

You know your uncle, dad, grandpa, brother-in-law, maybe sister-in-law, whoever it is, that keeps posting dumb right-wing articles in your Facebook or G+ stream (almost certainly Facebook), or even by email? Here's your chance to get revenge by sending them a smart right-wing article that might actually get them thinking about whether they're on the right side of the Net Neutrality debate.

One of these sides makes more money the harder they make it for me to do stuff on the internet. The other side makes more money the more stuff they let me see or do on the internet. I know which side I’m going to back in that race. I don’t get why anyone who actually loves the internet wouldn’t be backing that same side too

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