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Saturday 26 December 2015

Doctor Who Season Wrap-Up

So, I finally got to see a Doctor Who ep in a timely fashion and I figured I should mention my thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special and this season as a whole.

In any case, spoilers forthcoming.

I found myself dreading this Christmas Special. Mainly because until now this season had been so good.  It didn't have that many Truly Excellent episodes as some other seasons may have had (the penultimate episode being perhaps the one exception), but virtually ALL the episodes were well above average, a few were really good, and none at all were awful.

It was the most consistently good solid season in the entire history of new-Who.

So when I hear they're bringing back the character that made Rose seem like a non-mary-sue by comparison, I figured that was the end of the good run.

Lo and behold, though, I was wrong.

Somehow, the Capaldi magic managed to make this the only River Song episode I found decently good since the Library.  Come to think of it, maybe it was a Matt Smith problem (either in how the actors' chemistry worked or in how Moffat was writing for Smith vs. before and after); because River was a decent character with her one appearance in Tennant's run, and decent in what I PRAY will be her final appearance in the series, in Capaldi's run.

I really pray this is the end of her; yes, because I never really liked the character, but also because it was actually done right. It all fits. He gives her the sonic screwdriver, and her next stop is the Library, bringing everything around full-circle.  It was a non-unbearable story. It even redefine the relationship into something that made a shitload of a lot more sense than the whole way it was made to be seen in the Smith era.

Anyways, pleasantly surprised at this. What did you think?


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  1. I really enjoyed this one. The sharply contrasting tone of the beginning with the end just worked for me. That last scene could have been ridiculous, but it was quite fitting and was one of those moments that gives the setting scope (like it is a real place, not just a set). Strong season. Agree with you that the second to last episode was the strongest (honestly that particular episode was some of the best television I've seen in a while, but probably a comment for a different blog post).

  2. I rather liked the Doctor pulling a River on River for a change. the look of comprehension crossing her face when she realizes what he has been telling her the entire episode and she didn't notice, was just great.

  3. also it is a total relief to find out there is someone else who doesn't like Rose. the ONLY nu-companion I dislike more then Rose is Donna.

  4. Having a soft spot for British actors with solid theatrical background and being a bit tired of overabundance of slim-legged young gals in the revived Doctor's entourage, I rather like River Song than not, though the character has been a bit overused by Moffat. But other than that, I strongly agree with you on all points.

    And yes, much as I like the character and much as I enjoyed the episode, this definitely should be Dr. Song's final appearance. What is slowly killing the show is that things are so seldom FINAL for real.

  5. I was just surprised you didn't eat any pistachio ice cream XD

  6. As much as I like Mr Capaldi, I think the past season of Doctor Who has been horrible, and his first season barely better. The season ending two parter was horrid, and this Christmas special - while having some humor and some nice effects - contained so many 'so what' moments that it will land solidly on my list of Dr Who episodes I will never bother to rewatch.

    1. Well, then there's something wrong with you. Capaldi is probably the best actor ever to have the role, and the episodes this season have all been above par.

    2. It's okay, Steven, every Dr. Who I've seen has been horrible so I don't even understand why anyone watches at all.