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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Everyjoe Tuesday: Why the Left Needs You to be Helpless

Today's Everyjoe article talks about the intellectual structure of the modern Regressive Left.  Namely, how it's based on the idea that no one can help themselves. Thus, they need you to be helpless.

And if you have the unmitigated gall to actually take responsibility for your own destiny, you are a dangerous enemy who needs to be crushed.

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  1. That Urbanski fellow is as naïve and old country hokey as his name implies. Rather than raining fire and brimnstone on straw horses, you should mention by name and quote specific examples of the Regressive Left wanting everyone to be equally helpless. If this was an academic paper, you would flunk.

    As far as I met people, Libertarians are intellectuals with good jobs, who don't want to pay taxes. I never saw truck drivers who were libertarians. What I saw, when I was driving rigs, were people, who thought buying into a franchise would make them rich, when in fact, they were stuck maintaining an expensive and an increasingly inefficient piece of machinery, while working for a shrewd boss, who managed to dump all of the risks and responsibility on the employees, while reaping clean profits for themselves. Solid values there, and self-same entrepreneur turning into embittered conservatives as they work hard and can't support their families. Political zombies, who hate the very forces that would help them, such as unions, and who hate the government regulation, that prevents them from driving exhausted to a point of collapse.

    Or how about another type of a rugged small businessman, that owns a restaurant. To cut costs, it employs illegal migrants. It pays them cash and of course, no medical insurance. Migrant scalds hands with boiling water. Rstauranteur takes migrant to a hospital ER and flees. Migrant gets treated, won't pay since they live off the grid, and the American taxpayer foots the bill. Restauranteur needs to go to jail after a trial, which will cost it. Write to your congressman and demand better enforcement of workplace laws. Make them pay the full societal cost of their business. Nicht wahr, Pundit?

    And finally, I had the pleasure (truly) of working in the deep south, the kind of a place, where cultural life typically centers around going out to WalMart superstore to shop and playing Magic, The Gtahering at the Huddle House restaurant. You know, what distinguishes the Deep South? Deep social segregation. Three restaurants around the cross-roads, serving pretty much the same excellent cuisine. One is a family restaurant, where the blue collar people go. Across the street, a yuppie and college joint with the back deck overlooking the wetlands. And domn the other side a little further up is the wood paneled and darkened restaurant, where the local landed gentry hangs out. You can tell them by how they dress and by their demeanor. Outsiders wearing combat boots are welcome everywhere, of course.

    There was a historical mystery that's been put to rest. Only few people actually owned slaves in the American South, wealthy plantation owners, and most of the whites were poor sharecroppers. The big question was, what motivated the Confederate soldiers to fight. The answer turned out to be the headgame that the Southern society played on them. Even though the white southern sharecroppers had more in common with the black slaves, than with the rich, the plantation owners have convinced them that they were better than blacks, who were slaves, that they were white and they were free; and they went on dying for Dixie. In the meantime, everyone knew their place, and if a sharecropped started flirting with a proper lady, he would get his legs broken and his ass handed to him by the proper gents of the town. Get it, why someone might act out on campus and demand a proper safe environment? You graze up there among the ivory towers, and so do they, and it's all good, it's all fine.

  2. +1, which is more than the most politics than I do these days.