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Sunday 20 December 2015

Traveller Campaign Update: Kung-fu Dog-Monks Edition

So, as the campaign nears its climax, the PC found themselves in the Traveller equivalent of this place

Only instead of Lando Calrissian and those weird pig-guys, it was full of Vargr Space-Pirates!

The chief Pirate is none other than the dread Captain Ivan, the most dangerous space pirate in all the Vargr Reaches!

(note: he looks a lot less adorable in the actual campaign)

At first, the PCs didn't know if Captain Ivan was friend or foe; and a couple of them had crossed him in their pre-campaign prior history.  But it became clear pretty fast who the real bad guys were when a gang of crazy shaolin wolf-monks showed up with Ancient Tech and started blowing the floating castle all to shit!

The crazy Vargr Monks had been sent by the Master to kill whichever PC was carrying Grandfather's consciousness. Unfortunately, that PC decided to reveal himself at the very start of the battle; also unfortunately, he wasn't wearing armor. So they popped something like 400 caps in his ass. Luckily, Grandfather took over and did the Traveller equivalent of this:

With a mix of Ancient Disintegrator Guns and good old fashioned Frag Grenades, the PCs and the Space Dog-Pirates managed to team up and kill off the superpowered Shaolin Dog-Monks.

Unfortunately, Grandfather's host was dead.

Fortunately, Grandfather was alive, and using his immense psychic force to keep the dead PC going through sheer Will, hopefully long enough to be able to find and kill off The Master.

Both Grandfather and Captain Ivan are now certain that the Master's secret base is on a distant planet controlled by a rival Pirate gang, the Corsairs. Now, Ivan has done a lot of things in his long career as a Pirate-Warlord, but killing a god isn't one of them, and he's totally on board. So he takes his capital ship, The Terrible, and escorts the PCs into enemy territory to hunt down the Master.

When they get to the planet in question, they find a small operation of Vargr pirates who've enslaved a large population of primitive slug-men.

(you can't help but feel pathos for these guys)

The PCs play it cool, infiltrating the Vargr base as electronics merchants (it helps they still have an old shipment of electronics in their ship), and they end up learning from the Slugmen that there's a dark place deep in the ocean "where the Gods once were".

So the PCs do some scanning with the ship and end up finding a deep hole in the ocean, realizing that the Master lives in a secret base under the sea:

(This is the PC's first idea of what the secret Ancient base might look like; actual appearance may vary)

So it's time to suit up and dive, deep into the watery abyss, for their final confrontation with the Master.

Next time: the final chapter.


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  1. Sheesh! Despite what's mentioned at the end of your articles, WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING, man? ;)

  2. Sounds like fun!
    >The crazy Vargr Monks had been sent by the Master to kill whichever PC was carrying Grandfather's consciousness.
    I was already expecting them to deliver the Traveller version of this guy: