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Wednesday 23 December 2015

Pictures From Uruguay

I'm hard at work on the Far Away Land review, so here are a few more pictures from Uruguay:

This is a local neighbourhood 'fancy' restaurant. It's closed just there for siesta time. Not every party of Montevideo still does that, but here in the cordon it's almost impossible to find any place open (and I don't just mean restaurants, I mean corner stores, laundromats, even pharmacies) from around 3pm-6pm.

Here's a closer view of some architectural details of a very common style of building in this part of Montevideo.

Churches here have lovely styles, often more traditional than what you'll find in North American cities; and their interiors are always stunning.  Maybe sometime I'll get some pictures of the inside of the cathedral.

Finally, some people! Well, a couple of people and a lot of doggies!  These are dog-walkers, obviously, and they do good business here. Like in Paris, Montevideanos love their dogs, and so many seem to have one.  Unfortunately until very recently they cared very little about picking up after their dogs on the sidewalk. It's only in the last three years or so that some effort has gone into changing that attitude, and the sidewalks are somewhat improved for it.

Anyways, that's it for today.


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  1. Nice pics! I must admit Montevideo looks much better than Asuncion, where I have spent about two month of my life in total.

    Would be interested to see the church interiors. Those that I saw in South America, with the exception of Buenos-Aires maybe, generally failed to impress me.