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Tuesday 29 December 2015

Everyjoe Tuesday: The New Star Wars Villains are SJWs

This week on Everyjoe, I present an argument for how the new villains in Star Wars are all whiny, fairness-obsessed millennials, and why I think this was done on purpose.

That's right, the Pseudo-Activists are basically the Sith. 

As always, please check it out, retweet, etc. etc. 


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  1. I remember some words exchanged here on your blog months ago. Basically, you and a couple other dudes said that the new Star Wars was probably going to suck. I said it definitely wouldn't. Glad I was right. ;)

    1. Yes, yes I did. Especially as it dawned on me that the First Order are SJWs.

  2. OK, now you go from comedy to farce. I understand that everything looks like an outrage to you, but here you are just being ridiculous. So, the First Order are SJWs because they are young and it is 2015... And you take this and create an entire philosophy out of gossamer anger and libertarian phantasms.

    Wait, the First Order are SJWs because the First Order is Evil and SJWs are Evil, so they have to be the same thing... like bacon is edible and ice cream is edible so bacon must be ice cream.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    1. This movie definitely does not seem like an outrage to me. I would understand how psuedo-activists might find it an outrage. Of course, they find almost anything an outrage as long as it wasn't made by one of their in-crowd. But this is one of the most important movies of a generation and it's specifically gunning for them.

  3. No sillier than anyone else's attempts to seek symbolic meaning in various pop films.

    Still not interested enough to sit in a theater to see it. I'll stick to the '77 Star Wars trilogy.

  4. Hmm,
    Interesting inversion occured to me after reading.
    Medievalish fantasy Chaos = evil, Law = good
    Futuristic fantasy Chaos = good, Law = Evil

    Yin and yang forever changing into one another at their extremes.