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Thursday 14 January 2016

Famous Pipe Smokers

Today's famous pipe smoker is not really remembered as a great intellect, perhaps unfairly so.
He's remembered as a klutz, in spite of being the most athletic person to hold his office in at least a century.

But the one nice thing people generally recall about him was that he was a pipe smoker!

That's right, President Gerald Ford was a pipe smoker!

And what a pipe smoker!! He smoked 8-10 pipes per day. For you non-pipe-smokers to understand this, get that I'm a heavy pipe smoker and I smoke 4-6 pipes a day. I could, maybe, smoke 8 pipes in a day but I can count the number of times I have in my entire lifetime on one hand and have fingers to spare. I don't think it would literally be possible for me to smoke 9 or 10.  And he did that every fucking day.

He also lived to be 93, the oldest U.S. president.

I think, pipe smoking aside, Ford was an under-rated president. A fundamentally decent man who was really the last of his kind in many ways. He was never elected to the office, and I think that even by 1974 it was already too late for someone like him to be able to win the presidency, though if he'd been running even 20 years earlier he would have been seen as a perfect candidate.

Gerald Ford was an old-school president. And one hell of a pipe smoker.


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