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Sunday 24 January 2016

I Still Keep Getting Nice Notes About Liking Dark Albion

So it's been months since it's been out and I still get (and love to get) people's praise for Dark Albion!

Here's one from Jonathan Miller:

"I recently purchased yourDark Albion, and I must say it's excellent. This is the D&D setting book that I have been waiting for since I first found D&D as a lad. The rules for demon summoning are especially useful. Gygax made a gesture towards historical demon summoning in the AD&D Players Handbook, with the Torment spell (IIRC), but your system is superior for several reasons--among them, that it can be employed by low and middle level magic-users (as opposed to having to wait to cast a 7th level spell--again IIRC), and that it represents historical magic much more faithfully. There are so many other things about Dark Albionthat are great--the effective use of period and other public domain art; the detailed gazetteer; the provision of historical detail without being overwhelming; the inclusion of rules tweaks and additions that reflect the setting without distorting the game too much; and the sample adventure locations. I'm still digesting it but it's the best RPG book I've bought in a long time."

  I have to say that I love seeing this, seeing people enjoying the book and getting why it's different and awesome. And to Jonathan, I will say: if you liked the way magic was handled in Albion, stay tuned for the upcoming Dark Albion: Cults of Chaos book, which will give the same fantasy-medieval treatment to heresies, witchcraft, spirits, familiars, mutations and elves!

Watch for it sometime in the first half of this year.


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  1. That's very pleasing to my ears. I will have to speed up on the Chaos Cults layout. This has been delayed so far, for I have been swamped with obligations. It seems that real life is my worst enemy, sigh...

    1. I can sympathize with that sometimes. In any case, I know you're going to do it as well as you can!

  2. Continued congrats to both Dominique and RPGpundit!