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Wednesday 20 January 2016

Pictures From Uruguay! Holiness and Sinfulness

Today, a bit of the extremes of the beauty of the spirit and the pleasures of the flesh you can find in my own neighborhood (the Cordon), in Montevideo.

First, the holiness! Some pictures of the local church:

As any regular reader knows, I'm not a Christian, but you have to admire the architecture of the stunning Latin American Churches.

And now, the truly sinful:

This is one of countless delicious confections made from one of the several local bakeries found in a three-block radius of my house.  Local bakeries are one of the most fantastic features of living here.

The filling inside the pastry is Dulce de Leche, of course, which Uruguayans say was invented in Uruguay.  Argentinians say it was invented in Argentina, but you can't believe anything an Argentinian says.


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  1. Well, Uruguay is a rebellious argentinian province, so yes, dulce de leche is argentinian! (i am joking, the rebel province part is a common joke with our brothers from the other shore of the Rio de la Plata).

  2. Well it probably is a "colonial" inventipn since Spanish pastries are notoriously terrible...

  3. Pastry looks good. We used to boil condensed milk until it turned custard and had no name for it. Dulce de Leche is universal. Speaking of sin, what are the regs regarding the cabarets and pole dancing in Uruguay?