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Saturday 9 January 2016

the RPGPundit's Awesome Noodle Soup

Don't expect a lot of this, it's one of the only things I cook.

Heat a pot of water.

Add a curry spice mix, MDH's "Kitchen King" is strongly recommended, one or two little spoonfulls.
Add Harissa (dry), a big pinch.
Add a big pinch of mustard powder.

Add a knorr stock cube (whichever you like will work, my favorite is fish..

Add a big spoonful of Sesame Oil.

Chop up a small piece of ginger into little cubes, throw it in.

Cut up a quarter of an onion, throw it in.

Cut up a quarter or half of a red pepper, throw it in.

Put in the noodles: rice noodles, linguini or ramen will do. Do not bother with the ramen mix if you choose the latter.

Break an egg into the soup, break the yolk in the soup and stir.

Add a serious dollop of Sriracha.

Get some very thin cuts of meat (I like capicola), cut into little pieces (so as to fit on a chinese spoon).

Add some other hot sauce (or just more sriracha).

Get a piece of cabbage. Cut it up, but not too small; again, in spoon-sized parts. Throw it into the soup.

Add a splash of soy sauce.

Make sure to stir a bit, then turn off the heat.

Finally, add a tiny tiny splash of chinese rice vinegar (white or red).

Enjoy! I sure do.


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  1. Nice..Very Tasty... I Love spicy chicken noodle...
    It's the Italian version of polo chivaria.... Excellent!!!!

  2. I tried the Pundit's soup, by the Pundit himself, it's very good!

    1. Coming from a master chef like yourself, that's enormous praise! Thank you.