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Tuesday 2 August 2016

Combining "Cults of Chaos" with "Queen of the Demonweb Pits"!

Some OSR gamers might feel that Dark Albions mostly medieval-realistic type of setting isn't really for them. Maybe "game of thrones by way of shakespeare" is not their style. They like more fantasy in their fantasy, and less worrying about things like social class or religion or the scheming politics of a divided court.

That's fine! I get that. But to you I say, check out Dark Albion: Cults of Chaos anyway!  You will find that there's tons of material you can use in Cults of Chaos in whatever type of world and whatever type of game you're running.

Case in point: what could be further from the medieval authenticity of Albion than the Queen of The Demonweb Pits module?!  And yet, here we have a Cults of Chaos fan talking about how he integrated Cults of Chaos to Demonweb-pits to breathe some new life in it!

So, give that blog entry a look, and give Cults of Chaos a look.  Thanks!


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  1. I loved Cult of Chaos, especially because of the shape of paragraphs that offer various possibility. This is more effective than a long text more pleasant to read, it goes straight to the point. The middle-age flavor is very well made and should be able to be used with any fantasy games. Elves are finally described objectively, ignoring Tolkien's propaganda :-)

  2. sorry : This is more effective than a long text, it is more pleasant to read. it goes straight to the point

  3. Well, I figured that after exposing the dark truth about Gnomes to the world years ago, it was time to do the same for Elves!

  4. Hi again
    A review in French on the Grog ... (galactic role-player guide)
    truth about the Elves is now international ... inter two nations at least :-)

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  6. This is next on my "to buy in hardcopy" list. I keep hearing great things about it, and I can't help but think you could create an entire campaign around the interactions of a few cults.

    By the way, if you want a good non-fiction book to go alongside this one, try Pursuit of the Millenium by Norman Cohn.